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Tailored Shirts exclusive "Bespoke Shirts" division provides retailers around the world with the opportunity to offer individually branded custom shirting apparel directly to their customers.


Tailored Shirts "Bespoke Shirts" branded product is exclusively reserved for our wholesale OEM customers, we do not offer this brand/service directly to any retail customers. Our wholesale customers also have complete control over final branding and retail pricing decisions for their individual labels. We will help you finalize your retail brand image to suit your businesses’ exact requirements, then all sales & marketing will be at your sole discretion.


Retailers require no investment of their own to implement the Bespoke Shirts service, with this "asset light" business model being specifically designed to enable retailers to quickly reproduce the service using their own brand name, via their own retail outlet, website and/or sales people. This means that retailers face no inventory risk and need only pay for the products after they have actually secured order(s) from their own individual customers.


Utilizing the Tailored Shirts Sure Fit Measurement System for all shirt orders, ensures that your customers’ patterns will be individually computer generated to their exact specifications, guaranteeing consistent sizing for the initial and all subsequent orders. Unlike our competitors, Tailored Shirts does not produce "block patterns". Instead, each shirt is individually created from a single piece of fabric once the order is placed with our Bespoke Shirts service.


Although creating and distributing your own custom shirting label is an interesting business opportunity on its own, it also provides numerous advantages to an existing fashion related business. It creates a much more loyal customer base because as the retailer, you retain all customer measurement information and the product compliments existing ready-made fashion lines. More importantly, it drives more traffic to your place of business leading to additional cross-selling opportunities.


We maintain a readily available inventory list of approx 200 fabric styles, which allows you to provide your customers with an abundance of both shirt styles and fabric choices. Other than using our fabric, you can also send us your own fabric. For more information, contact us.


Our fabrics combined with our own production methods set to the highest standards, resulting in a garment of exceptional finish, quality, and durability and this is why our shirts have become synonymous with the ideal of a "manufactured finish with a true custom fit". To achieve this all of our shirt creations comprise of 18 to 20 inch sewing construction, the best in German interlining, seams finished with specialized French binding, four piece collars, impact resistant mother of pearl buttons, 156 stitches per button hole construction, matched fabric style patterns and fabric cut on the grain to prevent twisting.


Our proprietary production technology means that we are able to respond to your orders very quickly, with target delivery times within 10 working days as when an order is placed with our service. Therefore, it results in higher levels of customer satisfaction and in turn more repeat and referral orders for your business.

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Flat C, 8/F, Good Year Industrial Building,

119-121 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong,

Kowloon, Hong Kong  |  Tel: +852 2191 3090

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